Brian Baumal

Registered Psychotherapist

“Tony Vassallo Makes Weight Loss Simple”

Tony has become a friend and colleague. Tony will be one of the first to admit that losing weight and keeping it off can be a complex process. However, he has a message that is so simple. In a one-hour meeting, he can repeat it upwards of a dozen times. The phrase is JERF: “Just eat real food.” While many other messages over-complicate basic nutrition with calories, glycemic index, macronutrient ratios, point counting, cleanses, supplements, or focus on perfecting portion controls, Tony’s message is so damned simple it’s brilliant: Just pick up a piece of fruit and eat it. Grill some salmon and eat it. Even have a burger made from real meat on a whole grain bun with lots of side vegetables and eat it. Crave dessert? Tony even has solutions for that too


If your relationship with food has not been on the straight-and-narrow for years, the best place to start is somewhere simple—and it doesn’t get any easier, clearer and more helpful than JERF. The MODA approach to change is “Better Than Before” at a pace that fits your current lifestyle. You can address portion control, timing, micronutrients and other important factors on the MODA Program as you progress. As a psychotherapist who has lost over 100 pounds and kept it off since 2012, I encourage incrementalism, as this approach leads to change that sticks.

I have to say I’ve also learned a great deal from attending his workshops.

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